Please follow the steps below to complete your installation of NETePay Canadian NETePay for Datacap Gateway Host Server - CDR 5.07.40 Rental

Step 1 - Install Client Control

In order to communicate with this NETePay your POS may use one of the following ActiveX controls depending on the integration method chosen by the POS developer. If you are unsure of which to install please contact POS technical support.

DSIEMVClientX™ 1.37

Release date: 09/22/2021

If an ISV does not want the signature block included in the receipt lines they can send in <ReceiptSignature>Disallow</ReceiptSignature>. If the receipt lines would normally include the signature block, it will be suppressed and not included in the XML response. There is a new checkbox on the Test app for "Suppress Signature".

We learned that in Canada, CVV for manually keyed credit card transactions is processed only if the transaction is sent as "Card Not Present". Our Canadian Global Portico solution supports Retail and Restaurant merchants where all transactions are assumed to be "Card Present". When a Retail or Restaurant merchant processes a phone order, the POS can now send in <CardNotPresent>Allow</CardNotPresent> along with the tag <AcctNo>Prompt</AcctNo>. This will cause DSIEMVClientX to prompt for CVV along with the account number and expiration date. If <CardNotPresent>Allow</CardNotPresent> is not supplied, DSIEMVClientX will assume the transaction is Card Present and will not prompt for CVV during manual entry of account number and expiration date. In conjunction with this client change, the MM NETePay for Canadian Global Portico is modified to flag all manually keyed transactions with CVV data as "Card Not Present". This causes a CVV result to be returned when CVV data is supplied by DSIEMVClientX. There is a new checkbox on the Test App for "Card Not Pres on Man".

New build released 10/14/21 - EMVParamDownload now disables PIN Bypass for all AIDs.

New build released 12/9/21 - EMV Extended Error Code now returned on a 99 response.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / 8 Pro / 7 Pro / Vista Pro / XP Pro
Step 2 - Install NETePay Canadian NETePay for Datacap Gateway Host Server - CDR 5.07.40 Rental

This NETePay is available via the NETePay 5 Director which provides a simplified installation process and go-forward automatic software updates. NETePay 5 Director is recommended but if needed the classic installation process is still available by clicking Download as usual.

To learn more about the NETePay 5 Director click here.

Release date: 07/15/2021

Support for store and forward of credit transactions added. Interac debit transactions must go online per Global.

New build released 9/21/21 - Mastercard, AMEX and JCB will now have their contactless limits set the same value as contactless cvm limit.

New build released 10/14/21 - During an SAF_ForwardAll, if the Store and Forward logic receives a "3006" or "4003" error that originated at one of the Hosted Multi-Merchant NETePays, then forwarding will stop. The SAF_ForwardAll response will be returned to the POS with the results up to that point. Forwarding will pick up from that same point when the next SAF_ForwardAll is performed.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / 8 Pro / 7 Pro (Windows XP and Vista do not support TLS 1.2 which is now an industry requirement)