Please follow the steps below to complete your installation of NETePay Datacap EasyCheckout 1.04

Step 1 - Install NETePay Datacap EasyCheckout 1.04

This NETePay is available via the NETePay 5 Director which provides a simplified installation process and go-forward automatic software updates. NETePay 5 Director is recommended but if needed the classic installation process is still available by clicking Download as usual.

To learn more about the NETePay 5 Director click here.

Release date: 03/26/2021

  • Identify HSA cards the same as FSA cards checking the local bin table.
  • PCI requires that the Ingenico devices reboot once every 24 hours. EasyCheckout now supports a manual PIN pad reboot directive. A new parameter is added for “PIN Pad Reboot based on Time”. If set to “Yes”, then the pad will automatically reboot based on the “PIN Pad Reboot Time” parameter. If this new parameter is set to “No”, then the POS system is expected to use the new Directive “RebootPinPad” outside of a ticket to force a PIN pad reboot at least once every 24 hours. If the POS does not force a reboot, then the pad will decide when 24 hours have elapsed since the last reboot and reboot on its own. This can occur in the middle of an open ticket and cause unknown consequences. If the POS is responsible to force the reboot, then it must be managed by the POS to occur outside of an open ticket.
  • When the selected payment type is EBT Foodstamp (SNAP), the POS must provide a non-zero Foodstamp amount during an Authorization. If the <FoodstampAmount> is not sent or has a value of zero, then the following error will be returned from the Authorization – “TRANSACTION NOT COMPLETE - Invalid Payment Type EBT SNAP.”
  • Donation support is added to this release for credit and debit payments. There are two types of donations supported – 1. suggestive donation and 2. round-up donation. In order to use suggestive donation, the following new parameters must be programmed with non-zero amounts … “DONATION PRESET 1”, “DONATION PRESET 2”, “DONATION PRESET 3” and “DONATION PRESET 4”. If all donation preset amounts are programmed, then the POS must send a new tag <Donation>AllowSuggestive</Donation> to trigger donation prompting during an Authorization directive.
    • The POS can also send a question to ask the cardholder if they would like to donate to the specific cause. This is done by including tag <DonationQuestion>. Example <DonationQuestion>Donate to Cancer Research?</DonationQuestion>. The PIN pad will prompt the cardholder with the question. If “Yes” is pressed, then the PIN pad will prompt “Enter Donation Amount” showing all preset amounts, “Other”, and “No”. If “Other” is pressed, the PIN pad will prompt “Please Enter Donation”. If a donation amount is selected with a preset button or manually entered, the amount will be added to the Purchase amount of the transaction. A new tag will be returned in the response to inform the POS system how much donation was entered by the cardholder. The new amount tag is <DonationAddedToPurchase>. The POS must then make adjustments to its receipt data showing the donation and new payment amount.

    • To trigger a “Round-up donation”, the POS must send the new tag <Donation>AllowRoundUp</Donation>. The <DonationQuestion> should be included to prompt the cardholder for both the type of donation and the donation amount. In the question, include “###” within the question and EasyCheckout will substitute the amount in that position of the question. Example <DonationQuestion>Donate ### to Cancer Research?<DonationQuestion>. The question will appear as “Donate $0.99 to Cancer Research”. The donation amount will always be in the range $0.01 to $1.00 when rounding up, making the Purchase amount a whole dollar amount. A new tag will be returned in the response to inform the POS system how much donation was entered by the cardholder. The new amount tag is <DonationAddedToPurchase>.

  • A new directive is added inside of a ticket to prompt the cardholder for their telephone number. The directive is “GetPhoneNumber”. The PIN pad prompts for a phone number. The response includes the tag <PhoneNumber> with the phone number entered.
  • A new directive is added inside of a ticket to prompt the cardholder for an ID number. The directive is “GetID”. The PIN pad prompts “Please Enter ID Number”. The response includes the tag <ID> with the ID Number entered.
  • A new directive is added inside of a ticket to prompt the cardholder with a freeform question expecting one of two responses (normally yes/no). The directive is “GetAnswer”. The XML includes the following tags …
    • <Directive>, <Question>, <QuestionTimeout>, <AnswerYes>, <AnswerNo>. The value of the <QuestionTimeout> can be 30-180 seconds. The values of <AnswerYes> and <AnswerNo> can be “Yes”/”No”, “Large”/”Small”, “Right”/”Left”, etc.
  • While an eWIC BalancePreVal transaction is being processed, EasyCheckout no longer displays “Authorizing”, “Approved” or “Declined” on the PIN pad.
  • When “Acknowledge Payment Amount” is disabled, EasyCheckout will now prompt the cardholder to acknowledge the payment amount for any eWIC Sale or PreAuth.
  • A Cash Back amount can now be included in an Authorization even when Cash Back prompting is enabled. If the POS sends in a Cash Back amount for an Authorization, EasyCheckout will not prompt for Cash Back. It will use the amount from the POS. If a Cash Back amount is not allowed for the selected payment type, then an error will be returned to the POS.
  • Support is added for CancelRequest functionality (Cancel via semaphore).
  • Support is added for progress reporting via a Windows handle / Shared Memory with the PIN pad state being reported to the POS.

New build released 05/19/21 - For for progress reporting while running under administrative user.

New build released 5/25/21 - Resolved an issue with reading parameters out of the local config file if PSCS can’t be reached on startup.

New build released 6/24/21 - Resolved and issue which prevented EBT FoodStamp Balance transactions from working if <FoodStampAmount> was 0.00$.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / 8 Pro / 7 Pro (Windows XP and Vista do not support TLS 1.2 which is now an industry requirement)