Please follow the steps below to complete your installation of NETePay Datacap EasyCheckout 1.02

Step 1 - Install NETePay Datacap EasyCheckout 1.02

This NETePay is available via the NETePay 5 Director which provides a simplified installation process and go-forward automatic software updates. NETePay 5 Director is recommended but if needed the classic installation process is still available by clicking Download as usual.

To learn more about the NETePay 5 Director click here.

Release date: 04/01/2020

Support is added for a new PSCS parameter, “Accept FSA”. When enabled, EasyCheckout will download an FSA BIN file on startup from PSCS. When supporting FSA payments, the POS must send the <Purchase> amount tag with the full amount of the payment given the cardholder uses some card other than FSA and must send the <FSAAmount> amount tag with the amount of FSA eligible items. For FSA, the cardholder swipes his or her FSA card and selects "Credit". EasyCheckout will determine if the card presented is an FSA card by checking the BIN. If the card presented matches an FSA BIN, then EasyCheckout prompts the cardholder to "OK" the FSA Amount and then sends an FSA Sale transaction to NETePay. If the card presented does not match an FSA BIN, then EasyCheckout prompts the cardholder to "OK" the Purchase amount and then sends a credit Sale transaction to NETePay. In order to verify BINs, EasyCheckout requires Ingenico application UPP 6.xx.xx or above. If the Ingenico device is running UPP 5.xx.xx, then it must be upgraded to UPP 6.xx.xx to support FSA cards since BIN checking is required. Currently, UPP 6.xx.xx fails to communicate using the RS-232 Serial interface after one transaction. Ingenico has reproduced the problem and is working on a fix. No timeframe for the fix has been provided by Ingenico. Today, most ISV’s communicate with Ingenico devices over USB. There is no issue when using USB or IP and UPP 6.xx.xx. Anyone using EasyCheckout supporting FSA, must communicate to the device over USB or IP for now. The latest version of UPP is 6.80.00.

  • When supporting FSA, these additional amount fields may be included in an Authorization …
    • <FSAPrescription>
    • <FSADental>
    • <FSAClinical>
    • <FSAVision>

Support is added for AcceptTerms directive. The POS may display a message on the PIN pad asking the patron to accept or reject terms and conditions. Also a timeout value in seconds may be supplied.

Both the AcceptTerms and GetSignature directives may now be send to EasyCheckout multiple times within a ticket and can be sent after the BeginTicket and after an Authorization.

Finally, there have been a number of additional tweaks to this version in an attempt to keep EasyCheckout in sync with the Ingenico device.

New build released 7/13/20 - Tetra return flow changed to compensate for differences between UPP5 and UPP6.

New build released 9/15/20 - Change to properly set EncryptedFormat when using NETePay Hosted Bridge EMV - DCR 5.07.38.

New build released 9/23/20 - Fixed issue where cash back prompt isn't displayed for EMV debit transactions if CardDataCollection directive is sent without PaymentType.

New build released 10/14/20 - Fixed issue where canceling a contactless transaction on PIN entry causes a 60 second delay before responding with "TRANSACTION NOT COMPLETE - Remove Card If Inserted."

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / 8 Pro / 7 Pro (Windows XP and Vista do not support TLS 1.2 which is now an industry requirement)