Please follow the steps below to complete your installation of NETePay Datacap EasyCheckout 1.01

Step 1 - Install NETePay Datacap EasyCheckout 1.01

This NETePay is available via the NETePay 5 Director which provides a simplified installation process and go-forward automatic software updates. NETePay 5 Director is recommended but if needed the classic installation process is still available by clicking Download as usual.

To learn more about the NETePay 5 Director click here.

Release date: 02/19/2020

EasyCheckout 1.01 supports a new PSCS parameter, “Enable Local Gift Card Processing”. When disabled, Gift card transactions are sent to a GIFTePay for normal third-party processing. When enabled, gift card account data is returned to the POS when attempting a gift card Authorization. We expect the POS to process the gift card. There is no way for the POS to communicate back to EasyCheckout with a result of that authorization. That is outside of the flow of EasyCheckout.

If the PIN pad is setup for encrypted card data (TDES, OnGuard or Voltage), then the gift card BIN must be in the whitelist so that clear card data can be returned. The POS probably cannot process a truncated gift card account number. When PAN encryption is enabled, EasyCheckout leans on the whitelist to determine if clear card data can be returned. If the PIN pad does not have PAN encryption enabled, then EasyCheckout uses its own routine to determine if the card data is a major credit card or not. If it is a major credit card, then an error is returned rather than the card data.

EasyCheckout 1.01 now verifies the PIN pad encryption type during each Begin Ticket. The value of the EasyCheckout PIN pad encryption type parameter must match the device. If not, EasyCheckout will return an error.

New build released 2/24/20 - Fix for failure to display line items where LRC is NULL.

New build released 2/26/20

  • Fix for empty CardType returned on swiped credit transactions.
  • Improvements to LineItemDisplay performance.
  • ClearLineItemDisplay directive added.
  • TranCode is now supported on "CardDataCollection" and "CardDataCollectionManual" directives. This allows you to change the TranCode of a ticket once it's been started.
  • LineItemDIsplay is now allowed at any point while a ticket is open.

New build released 2/27/20 - Support for clear gift card read where OnGuard encryption is enabled.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / 8 Pro / 7 Pro (Windows XP and Vista do not support TLS 1.2 which is now an industry requirement)