This NETePay has been obsoleted due to a processor host change or industry mandate and an upgrade is required. Please contact technical support by calling 215-997-8989 x143 or by emailing

Step 1 - Install Client Control

In order to communicate with this NETePay your POS may use one of the following ActiveX controls depending on the integration method chosen by the POS developer. If you are unsure of which to install please contact POS technical support.

dsiPDCX® 1.88

Release date: 04/13/2023

Datacap’s out-of-scope ActiveX control for NETePay and GIFTePay software that supports dozens of plug and play hardware options, including PIN Pads, Mag stripe readers, all-in-one touch terminals and contactless readers.

Release notes for v1.88

  • For PAX insertion reader devices (A60, Aries6, Aries8), using PxRetailer 2.00.47 and above, turns off MSR "inserted" and "removed" statuses allowing for a much more reliable magstripe read. PAX provided a new system variable – PXR.MSRHYBIRD, allowing these statuses to be turned off.
  • For the latest PAX forms package, the STR.AMOUNT_TEXT variable is cleared when displaying the “swipe screen”.
  • If an ISV performs a SecureDevice Init for the IDTech VP3300, then the whitelist BIN range 100000-199999 is loaded.
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro / 10 Pro / Server 2019 / Server 2016


DSIClientX® 3.86

Release date: 01/05/2023

Datacap’s long-standing in-scope ActiveX control for NETePay and GIFTePay software.

1/5/23 - New DSIClient test application released to remove username from the usertrace field.

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro / 10 Pro / Server 2019 / Server 2016
Step 2 - Install NETePay Alliance Data (NWS) Host - ADH 5.03

Release date: 09/06/2011

supports Heartland's SSL gateway and should be used for all new installations.

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro / 10 Pro / Server 2019 / Server 2016